Saving the Earth one Polar Bear at a time!!!!!!

Here at HMS, we are addressing a HUGE Problem.....Global warming.

Many people say that global warming is not a problem, or that it doesn't do any harm.

The most important thing to know about global warming, is what it is. By targeting the source, you can more easily fix the problem.

Global warming is like a scaled up version of a greenhouse. The only difference is that the glass for the greenhouse is the atmosphere and the plant inside is the earth. The sun shines down onto the earth, warming the planet. Then, the planet will stay at a constant temperature.
That's what's supposed to be happening.
Except that there's this little thing called carbon dioxide.
It's formed when fossil fuels are burned, such as gasoline, oil, and coal.
Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. An insulator. And when two much of it is released into the atmosphere, it can take the greenhouse effect to the extreme. Heat passes into the atmosphere, but it can't get out!
Because of this, global temperatures are rising and this is causing the polar ice caps to melt.
This will make once populous places deserts and will leave other parts of the world underwater.
The increase of cars and trucks on the road can only add to this rapidly growing problem.

We need to take action!
We need to make a stand!
We're going to take down global warming, one puff of smoke at a time.
But we can't do it alone. We need your help to fight this monster and bring it back under control.
We need to make people more aware of this, so spread the word!

We can do many things to stop or slow the process. Turn the lights off when you leave!. Carpool! Walk if you can! These may seem like small things, but if everyone does something small, it adds up!

With a little effort and a little awareness, we CAN stop global warming!

Take a good look at this little buddy, because this could save you a lot of emissions....and money.
external image pg_evt_wm_energy_720x320(1).jpg
This is a compact fluorescent lightbulb and it uses less energy and gives off more light than almost any other kind of lightbulb. This could play a key role in stopping or slowing the effects of Global Warming

Eric Larsen is an modern day explorer. He travels to some of the only remote place left on Earth. On one of his recent trips he went to the Arctic. His goal was to help the polar bears get on the endangered spieces list and he is currently striving to spread awareness about global warming. If he gets enough people to do something about this he may succeed in getting the goverment to help our polar bear friends!